The Spirit Diet had the pleasure of working with Wilson Chandler in 2017.

The Spirit Diet is not about being “vegan”.. it’s about finding YOUR balance through a plant powered approach.

Wil was already on his path toward optimal wellness and being plant based. We assisted him in his transition and provided tools and resources to help him achieve lifestyle balance in his career.

He armed himself with knowledge and sought his own footing with the insight we provided.

That is what The Spirit Diet is all about.

It’s a lifestyle not a fad and we can give others the Keys but they have to turn the knobs. Your primary food is what your feed your Spirit.

#Spirit and #Diet work in conjunction for optimal wellness.

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Hi! My Name is Rodiah and I AM the CREATOR and Founder of The Spirit Diet. 

The Spirit Diet is a plant-powered lifestyle brand that curates content, products and services within 4 areas of expertise:

|| Health & Wellness ||

|| Beauty & Anti-Aging ||

|| Spirituality & Mindfulness ||

|| Love & Relationships ||

It is My knowing that, optimal wellness, longevity and quality of life cannot be achieved without “feeding” all aspects of your Mind, Vessel & Spirit.

The Spirit Diet will help further your path toward enlightenment through an offering of 
eye-opening perspectives, fresh narratives and a community of like-minded individuals to connect with along your journey.

Remember, Spirit is working in YOU just like it is working in me. 


Love, RO

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