What Motivates You?

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Recently, I had to answer the question; “what motivates you”… this was my answer.

I motivate myself.

I like to challenge myself.

I push my realm of possibility in a daily effort to keep expanding.

I want to be remembered for WHO I was regardless of my accomplishments. This encourages me to be the best human I can be.

Remaining true to yourself takes effort for even the most wise of souls.

At points along your journey you will be faced with remaining true to yourself while simultaneously growing and evolving. It's a delicate balance. Who are you really?

Vulnerability and leadership parallel each other. Not knowing is scary, I remain open to the unseen.

The easiest way to navigate the journey is to "just be"

Embrace the eager anticipation of what lies beyond the curve.

Where am I going,? Who will I be? What comes next?


We create our reality and the only real disconnect is we forget who we are.

I aim to remember, daily.

This is what motivates me.



Rodiah DorcelyComment