What is The Spirit Diet? (Part 3)

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was on my way to an interview for a bartending gig and I was on the phone with my cousin Aaron. We were talking and he asked me about The Sexy Vegetarian Blog.

I told him that people always thought that I meant that I was a “Sexy Vegetarian” and it wasn’t really the image I wished to convey. I also told him that, it was more than food to me and that there was a spiritual aspect to what I want to do as well.

He replied…

stories must (20).jpg

I knew instantly. I felt it.

This was my the name of my company.

I got the job that day too.

It was a bartending gig. I hate bartending but I was a bartender most of my twenties. I seldom drink. It was great money and one of the best things I ever learned how to do because it gave me freedom to always chase my dreams. I had to revert back to bartending once I decided to start my own business. Ugh.. I was on my last legs with the bartending shit. I would cry setting up my bar and when I wasn’t crying, I told everyone that I worked with about my idea and the name of my company.

The Spirit Diet.


oh and i quelled my impatience by focusing on the idea that “how you do anything is how you do everything” and i cultivated within myself patience and focused on doing my best no matter what i was doing.

I had my days free to start my business! I figured I would offer health coaching services online and write a book.  I also wanted a way to customize supplements & protein powders for my clients. I knew that wellness wasn’t “one size fits all”. eventually i figured out how to do that.

I decided I would make another attempt at figuring how to bring my own products to market as well.

At the end of 2013, I finally and gratefully retired from bartending, my plan was make enough money coaching and then I could start my  product line with the coaching money.

Just as I worked up the courage to try and market my services.

I got pregnant.

i was sick for several months and then i dilated but it was too soon for her to be outside of my womb. her stay was temporary but powerful.


The power of a presence can be determined by the spiritual shifts it becomes a catalyst for.

Her’s was mighty. she shifted me

Her name was Storiee.

I will share more with you soon about that because I think many woman will benefit from what I learned from that experience. It was hard but I have Tru faith and I have found peace.

everything is in perfect order.

I AM grateful for a mind that was able to process this with spiritual and emotional intelligence.

one day i will tell that Storiee.

But…let’s get back to the one I’m telling you right now.

After healing through that and finding spiritual understanding for our loss, I went back to starting my business.

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