What Is The Spirit Diet? (Part 1)


I would like to use this space to speak to my friends, family & loved ones.

I pride myself on making authentic connections with others

so if we are connected

even if we have never met,

see each other often

or haven’t see each other in ages.

Thank you for your support.

I AM humbled.



Blessings to you friend.

I AM Rodiah and this is my assignment.

In this present incarnation, I will be your Spirit Guide to The Spirit Diet.

Plant Empowered since 1998, I've been dedicated to a healthy lifestyle for 21 years.

Vegan & Raw / Living Foods are the foundational dietary principals on which I built this brand; which is also inclusive of many other aspects of consumption and wellness.

Donald Watson & The Vegan Society created the word, 'VEGAN" which is was an innovation on “vegetarian” but does not take total body wellness into consideration. nor does it consider spirituality, the mind-body connection, the gut- brain connection, detoxing & cleansing the vessel, self healing or your unique bio-individuality and genetics.

The Spirit Diet means:

"Spirit is working in you just like it is working in me"

Armed with the wealth of Knowledge i have to offer, you can take control of your health and wellness and end the confusion.

Knowledge has been the key to making healthy a way of life for me.

When it comes to anything you "believe"

Dissect it.

Where did that ideal come from?

Do you value that source of information as a knowledgable or credible ?

Where did they get it? Is this information rooted in knowledge and experience?


A “Belief” holds the place for truth when you do not know something.

When you KNOW something, that usually comes from EXPERIENCE.

This is called Knowledge.

When you can apply what you KNOW to your life, that is WISDOM

When you apply Wisdom often that you become WISE, such is Mastery.

Built on that over-stannding; these are my areas of knowledge & wisdom

Plant Empowered Living & Wellness
Beauty & Anti-Aging
Spirituality & Mindfulness
Love, Sex & Relationships

I invite you join the collective of like-minded individuals who have supported me through all of this by following me on instagram, joining the mailing list Spirit Speaks and continuing to stay connected and engaged and we all navigate this matrix.
when i started my business, i never imagined I would end up on the path i’m on now.

i could have never fathomed that for a large part of this journey, I would have to go-it alone.

as a woman, starting a business (like many things) has additional hurdles. I braved those and luckily for me, i was also challenged to expand my vision to it’s fullest potential.

This tale is one I want my great -grandkids to tell.

wanna hear it? here it goes….

Aight so boom…

Many many moons ago I bought a hair vitamin online and it worked! I was 23 years old.

My hair grew down my back and everyone I knew asked me how did my hair grow so fast!


I would tell people and they would immediately buy the vitamin. After a while, I realized that

I could make money if I invented my own hair vitamin.

I researched it but I couldn’t figure out  “how” to do it. It seemed bigger than me and my capabilities.

So I filed it away in my mind.

fun fact: I was a rapper for many years.

I started rapping when I was 16.

I stopped doing music when 2 guys I know got shot & killed, a little over a month apart.

I felt my life had to have a different calling…

I didn’t know how to switch up the trajectory of my entire life

but i did.

I heard Oprah say that she prays “God use me”

So, I prayed

stories must (18).jpg

Amazing things started to happen after that.

Rodiah DorcelyComment