Ms. February


I continue to be humbled that my colleague John aka "Bad Ass Vegan" honored me with Vegan of the month on his blog

February is full of black magic and Aquarius energy which parallels my own so I was especially excited that I was selected for February 2017.

Name:  Rodiah

Where do you live and where are you from?   I was born, raised and lived in Queens, NY until age 32. I currently reside in Los Angeles and Indiana… allegedly lol

Age?   37 (turning 38 in…) 

What do you do for a living/profession?   I am the Founder of The Spirit Diet and that is my full time career. The Spirit Diet is a lifestyle health and wellness brand with focus on personalized nutrition. We are rolling out a line of consumer packaged goods in 2017 followed by a brick and mortar store & cafe.

What do you like to do for fun?    As cheesy as it sounds, I like to research and read for fun. I also love listening to music. Documentaries & chill?

How long have you been vegan?   About 18 years going on 19

.Why did you become vegan?   I am a animal lover and even as a child, I never liked eating meat. When I turned 19 and I was living with my boyfriend (now husband), I tried to “clean a chicken” and I was looking for that bag of body parts that they detach… only to place back inside of the carcass..what are they called? Giblets? Ugh. Long story short, I couldn’t find the bag so I called my mother who told me to “reach up in there and pull them out yourself” … I put the bird in a bowl in the sink and walked away from the whole meat eating situation forever.

How was your transition?  Honestly, it was easy for me to stop but hard to find options. I was a junk food vegan for a while but my parents were vegetarians when I was young and my mother was big on fresh fruit and eating salad & veggies so I was already juicing, doing apple cider vinegar shots, etc when I was growing up. I never missed eating meat because I had never committed to the idea of eating dead animals. I have never had a “pork chop” or “hot wings even when I ate meat. I also stopped eating beef around 16 years old. I never ate bacon or pork either and I thought turkey was dry af. I held on to eggs for a while because I was sooooo attached to the “idea” of breakfast. I feel like i’m still transitioning, still seeking the highest vibration way of eating and living that benefits my bio individuality. I am big on Raw foods these days, herbs, superfoods. In the long run.. I will probably be a breatharian or a Sun Eater. Lol.

What is the funniest misconception(s) that you have heard about vegans?    Well.. It was the 90’s in Queens, NY so I heard I was going to “die” pretty often. Theother funny statement was that “too many veggies give you cancer”. LOL

What is your Favorite thing(s) about being a vegan?

For me it’s knowing that nothing died for me to live. I also like how I am aging and how my body has held up. The more raw foods I eat, the clearer my skin. I don’t have stretch marks or cellulite and I know this is because of my diet. People usually think I am at least a decade younger than my age. Time is a man-made concept but it still feels good to look good.

What Do you think makes a Bad Ass Vegan?   I think being true to who you are and authentically trying to help shift the vibration of the planet. We are all connected. I stand in awe of everyone who is present on purpose. We have to help each other. That is what this whole experience is all about, Love.

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