Plant Based in 30 Days!

Plant Based in 30 Days!


Are you interested in a plant based or "vegan" lifestyle or have you recently transitioned to vegan but you still find yourself wondering but...


Following a plant based diet for over 18 years arms me with the knowledge and know-how to help you avoid the common and easily over-looked pitfalls of transitioning to this high vibration lifestyle.

 This 3o Day program is for committed individuals who have made a firm decision to give up meat, seafood, dairy and other animal derived "foods" and products.

I will help you level up by giving you the tips, tricks and secrets to start and STAY vegan.

This Coaching Program Includes:
1-hour coaching session withvia phone, Facetime, Skype or Google hangouts per month
Email and Text Support for duration of the program
The Spirit Diet Elimination Cleanse PDF
The Spirit Diet Documentary and Book List
Virtual Pantry Raid - Identify what is harming you in your pantry and learn what to buy and eat instead.
The Spirit Diet's Ultimate Vegan Swap List

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