There is Power in Silence.

You will find that a key to realigning your mind, body and spirit is meditation. If you don't have a practice in place, commit to one now. Put it on your calendar or as a reminder in your phone but commit to yourself. Do it right now!

Russell Simmons has a cool app called Meditation Made Simple which goes with his book of a similar name (click the pic for link)

Here is a quote from Russell Simmons that reminds me to make time for, me.
As I said, I’m not a religious person, but I do follow those practices religiously. I’d rather be late to a breakfast meeting than skip my morning meditation. My assistants are constantly tinkering with my schedule, but they know that my yoga is nonnegotiable. There’s no deal, no meeting, no conference call that’s more important to me than taking the time to go to class and get my body and mind right. I know that ultimately I can accomplish a lot more with the grace and peace that come from yoga and meditation than with the frustration and anxiety that result from rushing unconsciously through your day.

You don't need anything fancy to meditate although I really like to set the vibe and light up some candles and incense and break my crystals and stones out. My go-to meditation incense is Nag Champa (click pic for link)

Youtube has a ton of meditation videos and spiritual teachers. Moojiji is an amazing teacher!

Do you have a current meditation practice in place? Share in the comments below.

Confused about GMO?

So... a few weeks ago, the team and I watched a piece on VICE about GMO. I loved this film!

It is short and to the point and easy to understand.

Each week as we discuss different topics, I will post links and suggested documentaries, books, research, etc. to this website.

We will discuss GMO on 8/25/16.

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